Jenni Ben - Glamorous wedding

Hey you, smile! Destiny holds great gifts and makes life awesome. This is the love story of Jenni & Ben, a pair that has been together for 13 years! Can you believe it?!
Over the time they've loved each day even more than before, having photos of each moment, capturing their smile. You have to meet this couple, they’re awesome in every aspect! They will take out the best-hidden laughs you may have and also, will warm your heart. Surrounded by family, friends and her little dog, what else can a bride & groom ask for? Everything makes on this day; Jenni, so beautiful. 

This couple has had the most extraordinary adventures! Both were so sweet meanwhile the interviews because as an easy going pair, told us about their experiences; laughed, smiled at each other and complemented the memories.
They told us amazing things throughout this time, in particular, we think their proposal has the first place. 
Jenni felt as if Ben would never approach with the ring until a singular morning he did it! However…the ring got stuck! Ben was so scared thinking Jenni’s finger could’ve been amputated that morning because she had tried everything! Until finally got it out; what a sweet relief.  In the end, this words kept in our memory: “But the only us…that would of course, only happen to us. And then we laughed, and…I still can’t feel my finger.” She said it! Even though these awkward things happen to them, she would never change it for anything else. This is what makes people unique!
We start not only on the wedding day, but a day before to hear and record some amazing words from close friends of them. From the rehearsal what we loved the most is the warmth both inspire to every single person they met and that they don’t leave someone behind or as a third wheel. The funny anecdotes are the best, do you agree? Most of their friends and everyone who collaborated on this day are agreeing!
"…I think everyone in this room knows when you meet her it’s impossible not to become attached to her kindness, and her beauty and her energy…” - Laramy Elick

Saturday 30 and they both look photogenic in a chic style! We adore this couple so much, and Sacks Productions made a big impression with the coordination, decoration and lights for Jenni & Ben. Incredibly marvelous; the rehearsal was just a spoon taste of the whole upcoming event! Some of their friends were really fun when they spoke a few words from all that the pair means to them. Once you greet them, on some point your life is about to change when you have already deducted these fellows are slightly different you may continue, knowing full well they’re not quite romantic; more like an upbeat pair.

This day is special for many reasons, most of all because she is marrying her partner in life. And he is about to be next to a beautiful woman every day. When the ceremony had finally come, she walked pretty in white to the altar over a path of fresh flowers. Her long veil was smoothly moving with the breeze of January in CaboSomething curious about this evening was that most of the guest took out their shoes for the ceremony, cause obviously everything was about to happen at a beach. The priest Melvin Gray said that there was only one word in English to say a caring feeling and that is: love. However, what’s important is to feel every day that same word in order to never lose what you feel. Plant seeds and watch them grow!
The road to get to the dinner tables was made out of star lamps. Some stars made the shape of a swirl, perfect spot for some pictures! Of course, everyone drinking wine at the beach while dinner and some fireworks, was some of the best time ever!
Las Ventanas al Paraíso as their venue was organized and extremely attentive to everything the bride and groom needed. Indeed both were really happy for every small detail they asked for. We also would like to mention the accommodations are spectacular, they even have ocean views!!

Meanwhile, they also joined Sunset da Monalisa for an overwhelmed time to dance and have fun! This counts with the presence of the newlywed’s first dance which later that same night was the turn to dance with their parents and at last along their friends. Uptown Funk,” was one of the songs that made all guest incorporate into a big party! Every song was sung for the guests by a live band. Even Juan Carlos Tapia; the photographer, was in it to capture this big blast with them!!! Can you imagine those happy faces again?
We noticed all the present people had fun dancing and fooling between them. As every wedding film, has first a romantic moment which changes into something interactive as a party, we enjoyed it. Hearing them they loved to have their friends over to Mexico, also how they thank everyone to have them close is wonderful. These words from couples make our tears fall without permission, we really think they are incredible and their memories will last along them and who surrounds both.
Finally; we knew so many people have treasured in their heart a pair of lovers so incredibly awesome that the best wishes had to be included. They filled the joy with words; time was needed on this occasion. These last words are dedicated from our team towards you; Jenni and Ben: We wish you both the best of happiness, even though we got to know you for a short amount of time we think that your personality is like the only light in a dark room for each person who gets to meet you. In our opinion, you both have made other’s people life much lovely! For those who loved our videos, let us make you be the principal actor in your real life movie and this will cause shivers in others!
redaction by Ginah A. Eastwood
photos by 

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