Sherry + Eric - Slow-motion video Booth

You cannot simply imagine the blast this pair had along all of their friends!!! At the very end, they didn’t want it to end so soon so they hired us for another hour. Outstanding guys, we couldn’t help our laughs throughout the editing, you’re really easy going!
Indeed! Sherry & Eric were recommended to us by Angel Zapién, a great friend and talented person who had the opportunity to record the wedding movie of this pair of lovers at Esperanza.  The hotel who gave this blissful union some shelter is nothing but a paradise! You may want to get to know it a little bit more. For now, we’ll keep its mystery on your mind.  So…    Let us introduce you to both versions of this marriage. 
When everyone was at the ceremony, boy! We knew this two were very lucky to be together. However, when they consulted our slow-motion booth we were overwhelmed. Knowing full well both paths from the people filled with traditions and what our stall is about we knew we would have several combinations and contrasts of all of it. 
When we arrived to set everything, the guests were calmed until we showed them the toys and funny items to play with! The guests were really happy and started to grab everything they found in their way. We even can tell you that we found hilarious when a guest who got thrilled with a jump rope had to do the shot several times until he couldn’t help his own breathing.
And oh my! The groom started to mess with the pillows towards his bride. Also one of the women in the crowd got a slap in her behind because she was messing around. This made us laugh so hard too, no one got away with it and we know it very well. Even when they were fooling around along the guns filled with tequila someone got hurt in the eye! 
Everything was like a carnival not just by us, we saw the marvelous work of Claudia Morales with the team of Elena Damy achieved a beautiful scenario, too. Every flower, every detail, every original item you find curious from a wedding was all thanks to her and her team who have worked amongst us too. So let us show off their work because it is really worth it!
Something yet better was that this wedding had tradition such as the Hong Bao which is a Chinese custom to give money inside a red envelope to the youngest in the family or to bride and groom. This is a way to represent fortune and a wealthy life to the newlyweds! 
We were overjoyed with the landscape this couple chose for their wedding, as in a spiritual way to feel free with the sun and ocean. And best…to know that it was our second occasion with a slow-motion booth where everyone was so happy was our great success, we’re really thankful to Sherry & Eric. Both had been such a gentle pair with us.

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