Suzie + Steve - Romantic Glamour wedding

Plus having a Christmas Card to illustrate the sweetness of this family is something beautiful and a great farewell.When you first meet the love of your life you know the glimpse in the eye, that smile or those cute but symbolic expressions. By that, Suzie Williams, Steve Zellers and the precious little boy; Duke made a unique celebration just by being themselves as easy going. But…how about if we start from the very top as always, shall we?
…no I won’t shed a tear just as long as you stand, stand by me…” - Ben E. King, Stand by me, 1961.
Raise your glasses, everybody! What describes this wedding is not the opulence, the elegance; nor even the amount of guests, or anything else but all the marvelous time you see it was spent in planning it and enjoying it! Especially this last part! The invested hours were all that made this wedding from the Resort that captures all the sunset light of Cabo: Esperanza, so dynamic and wonderful!
The incorporated details, coordination and schedule; was thanks to the wonderful Nubia Villa! Gosh, everything was so original! With all the glamour we can describe, this celebration had and furthermore in blue tones combined with white and brown!!! 
pic by Anna Gomes
We have an absolute concern that planning a union is not even easy at all, you get crazy with tons of things to do. However, you don’t have to worry at all; working hard has its big rewards.  Also, life has its ups and downs, just like stress or deep lack of resources. So don’t you ever worry! 
Suzie & Steve taught us a big lesson when it comes to this social events; their secret was to lift their head up because it is said that: “You never know what happens in others life, yet doesn’t mean they seem unhappy or happy,” even you might not know it but we assure you that this pair of lovers were behaving like if every single moment was so very worth it. You want to know why? Well of course, after rough times comes those pleasures one can give to rest at last. 
Now in Mexico, stepping forward…keeping ahead! Always smiling; joyful at every moment of her wedding because every single second you wait until your big and special day is deserving! This is how Suzie made us understand her happiness around her child, relatives and of course: Steve.
This is where we land; in Auberge Residences at Esperanza and one by one, every bridesmaid was happy because of Suzanne Morel’s (along with her team), did an excellent job in make-up and hair for them; they were dressed in aquamarine, an elegance walk was spreading radiance when they came to the altar. While on the other side, holding up Duke was Steve walking downstairs. Every guest awaiting the gorgeous bride to walk downstairs. Each spectator joyful to experience this.
When we saw them during the ceremony, this couple accepting their vows for their new life. Sharing compassion, understanding and a journey; we knew they were going to be very happy together.
Now our introduction can be over, you are able to watch in the love story attached, that they showed us an extract of a dancing class (not everything of course); they reserved the rest until the couple’s first dance. Another pretty curious short extract was them carrying the suitcases towards the airport’s entrance where the pure light of the bride’s face with her little son Duke brought the first step of a memorable video. 
Later that same day we had so much fun when Steve’s friends came to speak a few words to the newlyweds. They said a series of work metaphors towards Steve! Oh boy, they really made us laugh so hard along with the guests!!! After magnificent words, there was organized a spectacular dinner with delicious plates of the best quality in food and a thankful speech that ended into a big gift from this pair: fireworks!
Indeed, a bright light which follows a line of smoke until it has a collapse touching the sky was something everyone paid attention to, right before moving to the dance floor so the bride and the groom could share a piece with their dear parents. This part of the night we think was the one of the most touching heart because her bright blue eyes let free an overflowing river of crystal tears in memories while she moved along her father. Almost by the end of the night a cake to cut was ready for them! Not only the wedding cake had to be cut. But also when they brought the surprise cake representing the NFL of the San Francisco 49ers for Steve, this had to be written down. Suzie really made him a lovely detail! How precious!!!
Last but not least this union’s big day had an end when it came an indoors party!!! Just by watching the videos you may want to join them too because of the so much fun you see dancing and taking curious pics!
Speaking about photos, the ones that illustrate the post half are from Anna Gomes and the others are 35mm film photo that were taken by us since Suzie asked if we shoot with film so we said yes! Therefore this is the result. Before we say goodbye we firstly would like to take a moment to thank the happy couple because their big day was one of the greatest they could’ve imagine and we’re so glad our goal of capturing was accomplished with the help of Anna Gomes as the photographer! Plus having a Christmas Card to illustrate the sweetness of this family is something beautiful and a great farewell. No wonder this wedding was captured with the finest touch of elegance. 
redaction by Ginah A. Eastwood
digital photos by Anna Gomes
flowers by

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