Tradyann + Lucian

The living evidence that there is such a thing as love at first sight. Almost 25 years ago Lucian was a little boy who lived on the same block as Tradyann, they grew up as very good friends, and such friendship culminated in a fantastic romantic story.  Recently we had the honor of capturing one of the most special days of their lives, the moment they said: “I do”. 
They were referred to us by Jackie and Billy, close friends of whom we had made their wedding video at Cabo San Lucas a couple of years ago [to watch their video], and they trusted us so much they asked us to go all the way to beautiful Playa del Carmen to shoot their wedding. We were, of course, honored by the request and gladly joined them for their exquisite matrimony. 
We’re grateful that we were invited to film the start of this amazing journey for you, Land’s End Films want to always make sure your special days are captured in an artistic and fun way, using cinematographic style. We have been in many different weddings, but this one is the first video we make in the exotic land of Cancun, Mexico, which made it even more exciting, we are willing it's the first of many. We are glad to travel anywhere nationally and internationally to capture your memorable day. The marvelous gala took place at the luxurious Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla in the Mayan Riviera
It was obvious they really loved each other from day one, it was truly love at first sight, and she looks so happy, friends and family agree, they were made for one another. This is one of life’s happiest moments, because marriage is an opportunity to grow, and the tropical weather in Playa del Carmen only nourished the colorful environment, it was all so close and full of life they made us feel like family. About a year before Lucian asked Tradyann’s dad for his blessing to marry her, and he was overwhelmed with joy, the news was magnificent.
The fact that they were best friends first does make a difference, that we are sure their marriage will last a lifetime, they have a chemistry that is recognizable within the distance, one of the most important columns in a marriage is trust, having a friend by your side is vital for a long-lasting relationship, so when you see this couple you are sure, it’s a healthy beautiful alliance.  It was a harmonious gathering in Playa Del Carmen with of course as any wedding should, lots of dancing and a cake full of flowers. “I love Trady like she's my own daughter”  Lucian’s dad said as he burst with joy during one of the speeches. He was always very supportive of the relationship from the start. 
From best man to bridesmaids and parents, everybody had the chance of expressing their approval of the affair since day one, it was absolutely an ambiance of peace and enjoyment. But the video is pure evidence that they’re indeed exceedingly happy together and we hope that it will always stay like that, they deserve a life full of blessings and love.
We couldn’t help but notice that the love around Tardy and Lucian is enriched by their many friends and relatives that love them so much, this was expressed during the ceremony between tears of joy and laughter. As soon as the vows were made, the rings been placed and the papers signed they sealed the pact with a loving kiss, in this heavenly Mexican Caribbean. Heat and all they both looked stunning, white flowers adorned the reception as everyone enjoyed themselves.

When you choose Mexico for your wedding day it makes us feel very proud, the scenery itself is a wonder of the world for its amazing views and whimsical atmosphere, now adding a beautiful in-love couple only completes the landscape. Paradise suits this couple, the natural beauty of the Mayan Riviera made this wedding a magical experience.
Michelle, Trady’s younger sister, stood up first during the speeches, she reminded her sister how great she looked and how proud she was for being able to be there by her side on such an important day.
“I hope you all had as good as a time as I did when you marry someone you also marry their family and I couldn’t have married into a better family, I’m truly grateful”  -Tradyann 

Our 35 mm film nourishes the nostalgia, those tears of joy that come out when everything is ready for the ceremony and the guests start arriving, your wedding day must be remembered as a day of cheerfulness  and accomplishment, the day the couple changes the course from two individual roads to one, and the destination now becomes the same, us at Land’s end films are exceedingly happy of being able to make the quality videos you need. 
We also had lots of fun having a Trash The Dress at a magical scenario: a natural Cenote, with an enjoyable couple as Tradyann and Lucian we had everything we needed to create one of our favorite videos so far. They wore white traditional Mexican clothing to emphasize the atmosphere. At first, the water was so cold, and Lucian was afraid of the little fishes that we got encouraged by the magnificent view and worked out to a great shoot.

We’d like to give special thanks to our friend Emmanuel Garcia de Alba for being able to make the photography as amazing as always. The Paradisus hotel in Playa del Carmen for being the host of this memorable day. And of course Tradyann and Lucian for trusting us and letting us be a part of this union. 

redaction by Priscilla Ramirez Muro

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