Brianna + Ryan - vintage wedding at Cabo del Sol

Baja California Sur received with love this unique event, Brianna and Ryan’s wedding! The vintage concept of this marriage caught our attention a lot.
We had the great opportunity to meet the couple months before the wedding, this helped us achieved what they were looking for on their special day.  Brianna says that the fact that they were so different when they first met (and they still are) was what attracted them to each other.  What keeps this high school sweethearts love story ongoing is that they complement each other in a very special way because while Ryan is so active and energetic, Brianna is smooth and calm.
“ I saw something different in her, I’m glad I took the chance “ - Ryan
“ We don´t hold each other back from what either of us wants to do “ - Brianna.
Ryan confessed asking his friends for advice on what to do when he told them he wanted to ask Brianna to marry him, he says he relays on them very much.  They also shared with us how they got engaged on the beach in Hawaii, can this be more romantic?!
The bridesmaids joined Brianna while she was getting ready, so they made the whole process so much lighter and fun. Obviously, the groom was not left alone, he was also in the company of his friends whom only made him laugh and get ready for the ceremony. Also, as you can testify on this pictures, Gina and Ryan, the photographers who were hired by the couple, were really nice and we loved working with them. Together we accomplished capturing memories for a lifetime. 
When the formality was about to start, bridesmaids and groomsmen walked barefoot side by side through the sand and down the aisle while the guests waited anxiously for the entrance of the bride. The breeze of the seashore created a heavenly atmosphere. And when the moment finally came, Brianna, hand in hand with his father walked down the aisle, happy and nervous (both of them).
Right when the ceremony was over, family, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen gathered around for a little photo shoot and a cocktail party to celebrate this con-memorable union. It was a lovely photo session, with the stunning background of the beach and the sunset lighting. “Remember to forgive and forget, and to always love one another “; “ We have enjoyed spending time with you and your family so much, and this wedding ceremony combination was just fantastic “; “We wish you the best and thank you so much for having your wedding down here at Los Cabos, we’ve had a wonderful week, it was a beautiful ceremony.”. This was just a few comments from the guests, all wishing a happy and joyful life to the couple.
There are many ways in which we can express what we feel and keep those special moments within us forever. In this occasion, the happy pair decided to make a memory out of this day by using the unique style of the 35 mm film, which was presented for the first time in 1892 by William Dickson and Thomas Edison.

And then, it was time for the reception, which took place at Cabo’s del Sol house club. Everybody was dancing, singing and shaking some maracas while they waited for Brianna and Ryan to arrive. When the reception was over and the couple had finally arrived, the speeches began.  Of course, everybody had to get ready for this with a lovely dinner and some tequila shots!
“Ryan, you’re incredible, we wanna welcome you to the family, we love you “. This was just some of the words that Brianna’s father dedicated to his new son in law. “Having found your person at such a young age and growing together it’s been such an incredible thing for me to watch” Said the bride’s sister before she proposed a toast. This couple sure knows how to have fun. When it was time for the cake cutting, Brianna started spreading cake all over Ryan’s face, but obviously, she wouldn't let him do the same, we can't ruin such a beautiful makeup!
We are very thankful to Yarai Peregrino for coordinating such a spectacular event. It was a pleasure knowing the happy pair, they are so easy going, down to earth and very grateful for having each other, Lands End Films wishes you the very best and we hope to hear from you soon!
pictures by Gina & Ryan
Wedding planner - Yarai Pegrino
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