Renee and Mike - wedding at Rancho Pescadero

"Expect the unexpected" is what they say. And that is what happened to Renee, who swore to never get married until she met the man of her dreams, Michael. Baja California Sur shares with us this time one of its secrets, the beautiful view of Rancho Pescadero’s beach.

Renee and Michael were very kind for making us part of this special day, held in such a magical town as Todos Santos.  The harmony that provided the breeze of the Pacific Ocean was felt by everyone at the ceremony in which Pete (Michael’s best friend) contributed with some beautiful words. Both Renee’s and Michael’s parents gave their blessing to the couple.
When the ceremony was over, Renee shared some tequila shots with her new Father in Law to get the party started! And of course, the spicy touch of a Mariachi group couldn’t be missed! Mariachi is a traditional music genre originally from the west and northern Mexico, widely disseminated throughout the world as a cultural manifestation of this country.
The party was all about pure happiness, and their first dance is something that will be remembered forever! We couldn’t help to notice how perfect they are to each other, both goofy and loving. They seem to be the couple that brings the joy out of everything.
Everyone danced, laughed and gave their best wishes to the couple.
“She’s so special, she makes everyone feel special” Said Renee’s dad as he gave a lovely speech.

Not only did we record every moment, we also made this cute little stop motion video, which it is a technique through which static objects come to life through photograph registration, frame by frame, changing their position between takes on camera. 
Right when it was time to cut the cake, some fireworks made company to the stars. We're really grateful we worked with Sandra Scandiber, who coordinated this beautiful wedding.

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