Minali and Anoop

To love and celebrate are two things that Minali and Anoop know how to do! Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach opened their doors this one time for us to celebrate the decision of this couple to build a life together. Three days of adventure with family, friends and the unique moments we experienced full of culture, tradition and love.
Thanks to a phone call Minali’s friend did, and to such a free spirit this two have, it was possible for this love story to begin.   They met on the West Coast even though they are both from the East Coast. Their urge to travel and to explore took them both to end up living in California where they finally met and decided later on that they wanted to continue writing their love story full of beautiful moments and unbelievable coincidences.
Since day one, we had really special guests, and one of them was the Priest Pundit Arun who helped complete this beautiful three days ceremony. He has a long career, he’s known for changing many lives and for having many disciples around the world. In this first day we had the luck to be at the engagement ceremony which marks the beginning of the wedding concord and also we witnessed the second proposal Anoop did and of course, she said yes!
The second day started early in the morning, the henna ceremony took place at the poolside with the warmth of the desert sunlight and the sweet breeze from the Pacific Ocean. Also, we had the Sangeet reception and ceremony later on this same day, which was all about dance and music. The third day was, as we use to say, the big day! This one started with the arrival of the groom and the exchange of garlands which is the gesture of acceptance of one another and a pledge to respect one another as partners. The wedding ceremony took place at the beach, the Pacific Side received Minali and Anoop with grace and joy. “I promise that I will always be with you“ Said the bride while the ceremony was proceeding, and as if the wedding wasn’t magical enough, the four elements combined at the moment they said yes, there was fire at the altar, the sand of the beach, the big waves of the ocean and the wind that celebrated joyfully the union of two people.
The sun was already gone and their first dance began, the party after the ceremony was a complete success just like the previous two days.  Minali and Anoop was very thankful to their family and friends for receiving the warmth of their love through the three days long ceremony. We are really thankful for the great photographs taken by our friend Francisco Estrada and to Denise Acosta who made this wedding go as planned, it was really pleasant to work with you!
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