Cabo Slow-motion Video Booth

We are very proud to share with you that we are finally offering officially slow-motion video-booth wedding and events service in Los Cabos. This is something we have wanted to do before.
To enjoy life is the point of birth, Dana and Jake decided to share their happiness together, as this wedding slow-motion video-booth shows. Having the best day of their lives, this gracefully couple got married in Grand Solmar Resort, in Los Cabos, México. Adriana Díaz who coordinated the wedding details, contacted and recommended us with Dana and Jake to do this work, which incidentally delighted us.
Is funny how we can see two different visions with this lovely marriage, the first one a very romantic style in the photo-shoot and after that we met an opposite view, the crazy and happy side of them, it seems like they are perfectly equilibrated.

We also had the collaboration with Carlos Herrera who helped us in the ceremony and photo shoot with all the clicks from the camera taking the best pictures.
Here, we would like to share a special prove film shoot, doing some funny faces and jumping with all Lands’s End Films collaborators, we really had fun trying this. The film was recorded in 120 frame by frame, we got the illumination and every element to got the perfect wedding video.
If the Highlight video wasn’t enough for you, here we share the uncut version so you can see the eliminated scenes.
If you are enjoying while watching, imagine the great time we had while we were editing and watched it on fast forward, slow motion, forward and rewind until not be able to stop laughing.
written by Hannah D'los Monteros
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