Kami + Peter

"We have just watched the video together and decided to immediately write our feelings about love and our testimonial:
We always had faith in true love, and after finding each other, it only showed us what we've believed all along. The love we have for each other is indescribable. Perhaps, in one's lifetime, you will find that one person who will truly love you for who you are.  For all of your faults, all your imperfections, through your ups and your downs. If you're lucky, perhaps someday you will find that person, for us, it's each other. Our love has only gotten stronger since sharing our vows on that beautiful beach in Los Cabos.  We are looking forward to sharing our dreams, hopes, and life together."
A perfect mix of tropical and sensual explosions from Puerto Rico with very attractive figures got married at La Baja, in México. Expressions, no matter how we do tell what we feel, the essential base of love is about letting know to the one how important is in our life. Kamelish and Peter fell in love since they started their first talk online. 
We must say, besides they were really excited with this amazing day, they had some troubles to get alright, as Kamelish dress in the airplane, she would not like to keep it with the rest of luggage because of course is a very delicate piece, and they got some help from the stewardess to drive it safe.
Kami got ready in the spa and she was delighted, after that, she went to the room to try on her sexy wedding dress, before she saw her future husband.
When we met them at the hotel we had the opportunity to talk to this spirited couple, and we asked Kami and Peter if they wanted to try a quiz game, as they love to play we started to do this, the lovely bride and groom really enjoyed it, we are really pleased to share it. 
This lovely couple decided to have a Mexican judge to marry them in a shining ceremony in the beach coast. Harmonizing this story with “Te amaré” by Marc Anthony: “Desde el día en que te conocí, me enamoré de ti, en ti ví todo lo que siempre imaginé, pronunciaste mi nombre y yo, supe por fin que así, comenzaría un cuento que no tiene fin…"
"We hoped that our wedding would encapsulate everything we imagined it to be and thanks to everyone involved, it was. It is scary planning a destination wedding; you hope that every decision you make, every vendor you select, is the right one. After all, your wedding day only happens once. From our first interaction, Leonardo made us so comfortable. When we first met him, we knew he was perfect. He understood our vision and shared our same enthusiasm. Leonardo and his Land's End Films team are extremely professional and courteous. On the wedding day, he and his team made us feel like a friend was there capturing every moment."
Kami and Peter asked us to use, among others, Mark Anthony's song -Vivir mi vida- which goes perfectly with their wedding's mood. But, for the beginning we needed more tranquility and a romantic touch on the melody, so we decided to record by ourselves a cover that fitted with the rhythm of the film (when Peter is reading the letter for Kami). Here we share the backstage of this video recording. For you, Kamlesh and Peter, keep dancing together with love for a lifetime as this resplendent day.
"We did not know what to expect when we received our wedding video. Well, what a  surprise it was! The Land's End team captured so many moments and emotions. We can't help but show it to everyone. Many have said that ours is the best wedding video they have seen. All thanks to Leonardo Batis and his videographers team. 
It is without any hesitation that we recommend Land's End Films. You will not be disappointed. Muchas Gracias" - Kamelish and Peter.
photo by Dennis Berti
In this wedding time we had the opportunity to collide with Denis Berti and Chio García a nice friends and very professional photographers, who won some awards a few times in best pictures. The second place was one Kami’s photograph [the one you can see at the top above].
Thank to the help of Mariana Martínez an excellent wedding coordinator, they had a great time celebrating with their family and friends, having lot of fun in a big party, where Ricardo Patiño an awesome dj played some dance latin music.
written by Hannah D'los Monteros
photos by Chio and Dennis Berti

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  1. Wonderful, fun, and absolutely exciting...
    I enjoyed seeing the family and how engaged and motivated you all are.
    So exciting to have rekindled this relationship.