Sarah and Scott

Sunny days, shining smiles, sharing life's, this is how a new story will start. We became from two and we must end as two, a couple in love. That is why Sarah and Scott got married in Hacienda Cocina y Cantina in Los Cabos, México.

With this cute camera, everything began because we left enthralled by a fabric camera case made by Sarah, which we really liked as a match between this couple and Land's End Films to work with this wedding. They really had the idea to get something oldie and vintage for the big day, so that is why Sarah Richardson an awesome photographer contacted us to bring alternative video services - 35mm film with lomokino and stop-motion - and yes, they became delighted.

Between the soft waves sound, this retro marriage had the blessing from Marco Arechiga a renowned minister in Los Cabos. We must say it is very admirable to recognize a connected family when everyone is special in this unique and wonderful day.
With a delicate style Amy Abbott was on charge to coordinate this ivory wedding. Bride and groom selected Arturo Sotomayor as the guitar musician to let flow the romantic ambient to enjoy the melody of their hearts. We love film, please enjoy the beautiful collage of all the film strips we filmed at this unique marriage.  This was filmed with 35 mm Kodak reels - Pro Image ISO 100, ISO 400 and ISO 800 each of 36 exposures. 

We also had the special visit from a Colombian videographer William Celis owner of Selva Madre Producciones to learn a bit from the Mexican videographers work, and he joined and helped us with this film.
photos by Sara Richardson 
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