Sara y Paco

Two continents, two countries, and two completely different cultures come together as one to celebrate one of our favorite things: LOVE. Combining the Persian traditions with the Latin American ones, Sara and Paco commemorate their marriage full of kisses and lots and lots of dancing. 
The combination of cultures during the ceremony really caught our attention. It is very common for Persians to hold a thin cloth on top of the heads of the couple. While doing this, the couple pours hard sugar crystals into a recipient. This symbolizes the sweetness of their relationship. At this point, it is also the moment to ask the bride and groom if they accept each other’s company in the future. 

As the beautiful bride said, “our journey together will be fun, long and adventurous, but most importantly it will be the journey of our lives.”
Likewise, the Latin culture didn’t stay back. They performed the exchange of “arras.” The Arras are thirteen small coins in gold, silver or platinum, which represent the goods that the couple will share as soon as they marry. The minister that day was Maye Cortinas from Rose Ministries with accreditation to perform all religious services and rites. 
Their reception took place at Marquis Los Cabos All Inclusive Resort and Spa in Los Cabos. The resort is placed between a tranquil desert and the Sea of Cortes on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. This is an AAA four-diamond resort that provides the perfect escape to excitement and romance. 
As the groom said to her bride “I’m very lucky I’ve met you,” we say to them “we are very lucky to have witnessed such a wonderful wedding and we wish you the best.”White was the realm of the event. Everybody was dressed in white and you could actually feel the purity and sincerity of the love between Sara and Paco. An unexpected twist of the reception was the first dance, which was not traditional at all. Before the couple, every member of both families made an entrance dancing to a song that matched their personalities. In between pop, rock and even rancheras” the couple finally made their amazing entrance and performed their first danced, enjoying every second of that moment. We definitely enjoyed being part of that magical environment.
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