Kelsey and Phillip

An honest laughter and a smile can reflect more than what any word can because it is the true reflection of the heart and the soul. This is the case of Kelsey and Philip, two young lovers who decided to take vows on a beautiful, but very windy Saturday afternoon.  The wedding took place in the white sands and turquoise waters of Los Cabos, in front of the splendid hacienda-style boutique resort Casa del Mar. The hotel creates the perfect environment for romance to blossom and produces an unforgettable atmosphere. The wedding planner, Magda Rueda, was the responsibility of such a stunning reception. 
Thanks to the collaboration and recommendation from our dear friend Dennis Berti, we were able to presence the lovely union of the couple. Here you can admire the work of the photographer on this wedding: Link.  Another photographer that worked as a second camera of Dennis, in absence of Chio Garcia (Dennis partner), was Josafat De la Toba whom wonderful art captured other angels of the moment. Click here to see the photo gallery: Link

The wedding followed the Jewish tradition in a more modern manner. As Jeremiah 31:22 states, “A woman shall surround a man,” in that same approach Kelsey and Philip did. Kelsey walked around the groom 3 times and so he surrounded the bride 3 times as well. In this sense, representing the three virtues of marriage: righteousness, justice and loving kindness.  

In such a wonderful environment, we got inspired and creative to produce a stop-motion video. The stop-motion is a fun way to play with a sequence of photos, that played together reproduce a video in a cartoonish way. Don’t hesitate to check it out by clicking this link.
Love is a wonderful feeling and Kelsey and Philip made us sense that. Cheers to love and to the amazing people that share it. 
photos by Chio and Dennis Berti

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