Berenice and David

Going in the same way with the same speed and at the same time are three keys to have a healthy and beautiful relationship.
In this case, two awesome people met each other and got married at the beach with God, sand and the ocean as a witness. With all the Mexican folklore Berenice gave her heart to David a pure soul from another world side, who promised to take care of it, exchanging love vows in the church Misión San José, a beautiful and antique cathedral which was built in 1730.

A cute detail that makes the big difference is when someone tries to do their best to transmit in another language what they want to say from the bottom of their hearts, of course in this wedding  David’s family did it and some tears of happiness from the bride fell down a couple of times. 
The wedding took place at Westin Resort & Spa in Los Cabos, San Lucas, México. Maye Cortinas was the chosen to coordinate the ceremony mixing shining brights in white since Berenice's dress until the table carpets. 
We really enjoy recording true love essence, memorizing every second and heartbeat as the stop motion can show.
 In this occasion, we are pleased to share this material until Chihuahua, where they will receive the video to watch it as many times as they want.
And of course, we had the collaboration from Juan Carlos Tapia who helped us with a very professional and magical photo shoot to keep the best images from the lucky couple.
We must remember this: “Every little moment are the ones who build the biggest moment”.
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