Underwater wedding in los Cabos, México

In the company of their closest friends and surrounded by a different environment this couple made their special day even more special.
There is no doubt about how wonderful nature is, every landscape in the blue and crystal sea is just perfect, the warm colors of the sun getting in to the water, the fishes’ dancing, and the harmony of love bubbling in to their hearts, this is just an alternative and extreme way to get married in the beautiful beach of Lover's beach, Los Cabos.
To get the best underwater photography and underwater video to hold a different way to seal the memories of their lives is diving in the blue water. It is amazing to make this possible with the collaboration of many contributors involved in it, who help with all the diving kit [Nautilus Dive Tech] and wedding set [Bahia Hotel & Beach Club], the real magic become from the bride, groom, minister and guests.
Of course, we would like to say that the great ecotourism that we have in México is amazing, we have much different kind of flora and fauna. We should take advantage of this fabulous nature gifts to link up with the one, it is a best opportunity to get married, to proposal or to vows renew.
You also can watch the wedding from the top of the sea because the water is really clear and if you are snorkeling you can look at it without a doubt, and we do the play with our creative ideas and film equipment to fill every detail in the sea, just as Disney says: “Under the sea, darling, it’s better”.
Is not it wonderful how your life can change in a blink of an eye?, when you are planning your wedding to have a new life sharing it with your future partner, you may come to Land’s End, Cabo San Lucas, México.
photos by Leonardo Batis
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