Marcela y Brian

The first image that comes from our imagination about a beautiful wedding in the beach is clear, fresh, full of light, and of course, how can we explain the union of two wonderful people in los Cabos, México.
Marcela is from México and Brian is from the United States, they met there and fall in love because they have the same likes, for example, animals like dogs. We would like to say, since a few months before the wedding, we had the opportunity to talk to them and we loved the link we had.
We really pleased to play with the scenes and nature to keep the feeling of lovers beating, recording every second to come alive again the moment of their marriage. After being together for seven years, Marcela and Brian had the opportunity to get married, sealing their love in the Beach Club from Cabo del Sol where the religious ceremony was in the beach, “From this day and forward they will have to be as one” words of the minister Rodrigo G. Villa Palacio.

Every guest enjoyed a warm stay, with the sunlight and the waves's music, a fabulous view and company, just as Brian said: “I wanna thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for coming down here and celebrate this beautiful day and beautiful life with us”.

We also had the collaboration with the flashes and images from the photographers Chio and Denis Berti and of course Illeana Reyes whom we have been working before, was there on charge to coordinating every single detail.  
It is not just shooting and documenting the beauty of bride & groom's essence but is to cover something that will be revealed later... .
...and the feeling of all the film process - of reveal this on the lab and get amazing results, like this movie, makes us feel doing magic! just like the old times.
written by Hannah D'los Monteros
photos by Chio and Dennis Berti
 coordination by Illeana Reyes
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