Wendy and Daniel

It is amazing how the lives of two different people and different cultures collide to be together, no matter how or where, when they find a way to share their thoughts, nothing is impossible.
The best part of this story, is just how a “nothing” became into “everything”, how Wendy and Daniel met and how they started to fall in love since the first moment they saw each other on the dance floor, every excuse to see her again was enough, and finally they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives. A curious thing that we would love to share is that Daniel told us a special detail about how was their first kiss, he said: “We were starting to play pool and I told her; if I win, you will have to kiss me, and Wendy accepted the bet”, but she never thought that he have been playing pool since 5 years ago and he was an expert on it, so she never imagined that he will be already the winner.
Daniel a Mexican gentleman and Wendy a Chinese lady got married in Los Cabos, México. The wedding took place in Bel Air Collection Resort and Spa, the same resort that nowadays is the Krystal Grand Los Cabos Hotel, the full moon accompanied this special and unique day, and of course, the salsa music turned on was the beginning of the night.

All the family and friends who came from all over the world were having fun with this new couple, husband and wife. Kenia García coordinated every single detail to make everything so perfect, and Paul and Leanne Sargeant's work took a excellent photo-shoot.
One of the best places to start a new phase is the beach, the warm of the sand and the sun, filling the hearts of every guest is this perfect wedding, recording the smiles and the words forever. Always remember this: Remember in Spanish means Re:”again” cordis: “heart” that means: “to pass again through the heart”.
photos by Paul and Leanne Sargeant
make up by Neysa Berman - Blanc Bridal Salon

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