Tara and Andrew

A beautiful soundtrack started this amazing and perfect match. Every thought ended into a smile, they have been laughing and being happy sharing their lives, and now they confirmed this awesome discovering; their love.
Tara and Andrew told their vows of love in the beautiful beach sunrise in the Hotel Meliá Cabo Real in Los Cabos, México, interchanging words of love and promises forever. Love is all about “One commitment: to do whatever it takes to keep this promise alive forever. In the art of marriage, it is the little things that are the big things, it is never too old to hold hands, it is remembering to say “I love you” at least once a day”, this was a very important deep and lovely word from Juan, the minister.
Tara and Andrew cooperated with a great attitude; we really enjoyed being part of this union to keep every single wedding detail into the bottle of memories. Every time they will be in trouble they will have the strength, patience and wisdom to fix anything because they are convinced that they were made for each other and they make a perfect couple to help each other no matter what.
We had the pleasure to share this work with Michael Vu a flashing photographer who kept the best warm images and of course Shantal Martinez the one who helped with the coordination to make everything just the way the lovers wanted.
It seems like this brand new marriage couple have waited every day for each other, now they are not afraid anymore because they got their love, and after this warm, light and fresh wedding, with the sand, ocean and sun as a witness of feelings, there is nothing that could happen to make them apart.

"Wow, the video looks fantastic you did an amazing job!!!" - Tara Davis
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