Nisha and David

Blue means the dream’s color, two different ways of believing became one, and love is the reason that put them together. 

We have discovered that the real intention is when you really want to make come true the wish to share your life with the one. Nisha and David decided to get married with the spirits of the sun and the sea, wise words of the Minister, this beautiful union was in Los Cabos México. They celebrated this amazing day at the Dreams Hotel. Magda Rueda was on charge to coordinate every single detail while Greg Thompson was flashing every special moment with his best friend, “the camera”.
This wedding was special just because they did two different rituals, Hindu and Symbolic. The Hinduism talk about reincarnation and universalism and is supposed that must be full of colors as it was.
The Hindu ceremony has to be around the sacred fire, the groom and the bride have to do a list of different steps that means that they will start to belong to each other’s family. It means about seven blessings for them: the first one is about this couple may have abundance and amenities, the second to be strong and complemented, the third prosperity and wealth, the fourth happiness forever, the fifth happy family life, the sixth to live in perfect harmony and the last one to be always the best friends.
We have recorded this passion full of energy and faith, mixing the perfect ambiance with the natural side of the ocean and the warm vibes of all the guests, family and friends. Nisha and David have started a new nest and their family has begun to grow.
We invite you also to take a look at the engagement photo session of Nisha & David at Greg Paul Thompson's Blog.
"Awesome!  Thank you so much! We just watched it and felt like we were back in Cabo all over again!!! How lovely. Can't wait to show our family and friends too! Thanks" - Nisha 
"Wow está padrísimo!" - Magda Rueda - wedding planner.
photos by Greg Paul Thompson

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