Meredith and Stefan

"In a funny, beautiful, sassy and awesome wedding" in a great place as Diamante Cabo San Lucas, place both loved the day we met, for all its magic.
Meredith comes from a family of Boston full of traditions that over time prompted her to make important decisions in your life, like going to New York, where he met a great guy, a good guy, "the sure guy " he tells his lady of honor and best friend Caroline. That's how Meredith from Boston, and Stefan from New York, after meeting & living in New York, enjoy together for seven years full of nuances and obstacles overcome, they decided to marry, "they always enjoyed life being together, it was obvious they finished together, "says Jeff enthusiastic, best-man of Stefan. In a ceremony with the guests very authentic accurate, it became present not only the union of two people, but the unconditional support of two families to the minister pledged support to this beautiful couple in the good and bad times during their marriage.
Despite the problems, there are people capable of loving so much that nothing could separate them, making it almost impossible to avoid remaining attached, and in a gesture of gratitude to life, celebrate this wonderful match situation in the world; with a charming ceremony and wedding party, which may be next to all those witnesses who were at his side witnessing the strength of unconditional love, as it makes his good friend, that consents to sing at her wedding.
We love the result of our 35mm film pictures, this were taken with the Action Sampler camera. View the full gallery at Pinterest/leonardobatis
Meredith could be a more appreciative bride and given that I have seen, to reach the full awareness that Stefan is undoubtedly your life partner. Beautiful and inspiring words come from the heart of Meredith to see her beloved groom in front of her at the altar. While Stefan is not far behind showing his unconditional love, to love her not only to her and her family and friends but also with all the love she could want pets, no matter what species they are.
At a party with lots of shine, joy, familiarity and dance, enjoy life to the beat of mutual acceptance and trust of the future in spectacular images captured on 35mm film, giving that unique and authentic touch; Supported by a great team that really makes this fantastic wedding like Amy Bennett who shows his excitement to be part of this celebration in his blog: Exciting!! 
Meredith and Stefan's wedding is the featured wedding on JetFete Blog today! 

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