Rachel and Farris

This is like the classic story of true teenage lovers, at least that is what their spirits show. “True love says that you are just better together than alone” said the minister. 
The perfect mix of their life colors into the same glass as a symbol that could not come back alone as before.
Rachel and Farris, the fancy couple decided to be together for the rest of their lives, the wedding took place at the beautiful Melia Cabo Real Resort, in Los Cabos, México. The beginning of their happiest day was captured by our special visitor Olivia Tang with the sophisticated touch of elegance on her pictures.
Rachel did not want to cry, but too much happiness inside herself could not be easy to handle. All the best of Farris was to give her the most special song from his fraternity, which was interpreted by his best friends.
We had the great opportunity to meet Rachel and Farris before, during and after their wedding. The whole process of been knowing them before, helped to get what they wanted to have. It was a pleasure for us to share a full coverage with them, besides we are loving to do film using stop-motion, it gives a wonderful vintage style, doing a better-detailed production.
Now Rachel and Farris are available to share this fabulous day of experience to the whole world, and of course to move all the feelings inside the hearts of the people that they most love.
Well, now we would love to tell you, we are very excited filming and experiencing with stop motion, and lomokino, this is an old art expression using frame by frame, it takes a vintage style and gives an antique sensation, this is just perfect for a wedding, it will take you back in time remembering once again every detail.

The origins of this technique are fused with the story of filmmaking since 1906 with the first works. Now we are available to keep enjoying this recording type with you as a special wedding art in Los Cabos, México.

"Leo and his crew were the most professional team on our wedding day. He made us feel comfortable and he was very competent, we trusted in him completely. Land's End Films does really great work and all of his movies have his special feel to them, yet he seamlessly works in the personality of the bride and groom and the unique feeling of each wedding so well. Our movie turned out to be a beautiful trailer for the rest of our lives together. We have probably watched it thousands of times and never get tired of it. Each person we show it to also has to watch it multiple times to take in all of the detail and emotion!
We would absolutely hire Leo and the team at Land's End Films again in a heartbeat and we would encourage anyone getting married in the Los Cabos area to hire him as well. It was the best decision we made! (Besides the decision to get married!) He provides a great service for an amazingly low price for the quality of work you get in return." - Rachel Maroney Ain
pictures by Olivia Tang

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