Cathy and Josh

Since we saw this painting gift them a very good mutual friend Jake Monson, are thrilled to conceptualize and recreate it to better represent the six years together, the changes, ups and downs in life, emotions, feelings and solutions in the that Cathy and Josh, always supported, and loved.
This is how they were doing the painting of their lives together, culminating in a nuanced canvas colorful, magical and sensational, as shown by the wonderful work that represents the style and energy of Cathy and Josh. Cathy and Josh joined their lives in marriage at the beautiful resort Hacienda Cocina in Los Cabos, with the support of Adriana Dupinet wedding coordinator, in conjunction with a team focused on everything to be perfect, like said Cathy´s dad, using us in a local joke ... “Regarding lands end… to me is a land beginning, for this great start, and I want to thank the team formed by Cathy, Josh, Linda, Bob and Peggy who spent thousands of hours to make this beautiful wedding, Dylan just invested a lot of resources for it to come true. But what really matters is the love we put together in this great celebration.”
There is nothing more touching than to witness the love of a father for his daughter on her wedding day, Cathy's dad was no exception, unable to contain his emotions when he directed his words at the reception, emphasising the great work binding that made possible a wonderful wedding, with its beautiful words and the super detail have created a magical track to that special moment.
“Cathy I toll u hounded of times or maybe even thousands of times, I love u with all my heart, and I'm very proud of u, that love and pride, is strong today has never been, u are a lovely daughter, and absolutely glorious bride, Josh… I am proud to become part of our family while we are part of your family it's a win-win situation” Was the word's Cathy dad, When remembering all single moment he lives together around his daughter and son.
Surrounded by his closest friends and family, Cathy and Josh got a touch to the portrait alternative gift them one of his friends in common, another key point of this emotional meeting was the help and support they gave the parents of both bride and groom to that this whole event out with the best results, with an atmosphere of excitement, but without losing the style. Giving life to this unique and authentic style with this wonderful picture showing both full of color, giving the stamp of authenticity and a unique personality to this lovely wedding. The result was a wonderful wedding for Cathy and Josh for making us the honour to offer this beautiful recognition that I'd like to share.
"Hi Jorge, Thank you so much! You are right – the video was well worth the wait. I posted the video on Facebook expressing my gratitude to Lands End Films, but in case you didn’t see it, I wanted to send you a “thank you. I love the video and it was so special that you were able to re-create the painting. It’s awesome to see! I also loved that you added my dad’s song. I know that he was very pleased with it as well. I am thrilled with the clip and I can’t wait to see the entire video. Thank you again for all your hard work on this. It will be something that we will treasure for a lifetime. Much appreciated… Thanks again" - Cathy

           photos by Amy Bennett           .
  Coordination by Adriana Dupinet   

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