Ariel and Bobby

The violin was the first sound to begin this wedding. Ariel and Bobby were just for each other. A beautiful place filled with purple, yellow and white flowers was the stage, and the main actors these two lovers.
Bobby “never met anybody else who can make him laugh as much as Ariel can” and Ariel, of course, had the best man and lover in life. In this real-life film the movie script was all about “looking in the same direction together” said the minister.
The ceremony was at the Hotel Westin Regina in Los Cabos, México, which was fantastically built by Sordo Madaleno and José Iturbide, renowned exponents of contemporary Mexican architecture. It is a pleasure for us to share with you that, this coupling was especially with the first recording we experienced Lomokino, while Ariel and Bobby were walking free and together by the beach shore holding hands we got a magical spectacle.
After the religious ceremony, the family and friends received the couple with sparkles and with a refreshing circle space, making them feel the soul music inside their hearts. Dancing was the perfect set to stamp this passion. Bobby could not stop staring at her and everybody else was enjoying the frosting around them.
Coordination by Illeana Reyes     
photos by Amy Bennett.

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