Melina and Will

The Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Los Cabos, hotel could never look better than in the union of Melina and Wilfred, giving with it a more quality to a beautiful wedding.

The lover fiance was telling us that everyone already knows the story about the times when melina was refusing to a date with him.
She was like, "no, no... I don't date guys from work", but he knew that he would accept, sooner or later, so he insisted until Melina finally agreed to hang out with him to dinner.  Since that moment wilfred knews that she will be her wife.
After that night, and he kept dating was increasingly amazed at her, her energy, her passion for life, for work, for education.
It was clear for Will to be with her for the rest of his life, fully aware that Melina is its opposite, yet he is crazy about her, because he knows that it is extremely weird to find someone who matches.

We love and passionate the intensity and emotion that gives you the 35mm photography, almost forgotten, for us it is an art that gives us wonderful results, here are shared some samples, 

And as Wilfred says: "from the beginning to the end, we both know that the best things happen every day, and the best is yet to come".
Also visit our Instagram gallery with photos of Melina and Wilfred's wedding.
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