Anna and Salman

Energy and color define each space environment, in contrast to the mix of cultures that create joy in the spirit of all who make up this unique and amazing union, in ceremonies filled with love, joy, and tradition.
Dressed in a fairy-tale atmosphere, Anna and Salman are seen dancing in the clouds and smiles, just the two in the middle of all the persons accompanying them in this their first dance as husband and wife. Sharing the world with loved ones in a unique way, creating not only an incredible party atmosphere, but the union of worlds, races, cultures, and traditions, making without paradigms paradise in Los Cabos, full of harmony, music, and dancing.

Like the sand of the sea, Anna and Salman were separated, living their stocks individually before this beautiful wedding, now with all your friends and family together, not just sand that comes and goes, now stable bay where they can offer support to their loved ones consolidating its tradition, culture and love.
Being Melia Cabo Real accomplice to this wonderful party that seals the commitment of faith and surrender in this amazing wedding that could tarnish its luster with the immense beauty of sun, sand and sea. All this splendor and ornamental celebration is sheltered in the spectacular images on photos and video, giving the impression of the screen to jump in his sweeping wrap authenticity.

Making a grand entrance next to her beloved husband Salman, Anna wears a beautiful red saris to attract prosperity, wealth, passion and joy to her new married life, at the reception where they are greeted with great fanfare by his guests, like two winners give thanks with their hands together in the air to start the celebration and dancing. In an uncommon cocktail of styles and color, no lack enthusiasts showing their best moves on the court, dancing with all the energy the songs of both cultures.
photos by Matthieu Fiol

Captation of the wedding proposal of Salman to Anna at Paris with the Eiffel tower on the back.  

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