Brianna and Luis

All about love is beautiful and exciting, love has no geographical preferences, or cultural, inclusive, to love, it matters little if the lovers speak the same language, for love, has its own language.
Brianna and Luis took the best ingredients to make your own cocktail of love, a bit of tradition, a sprig of several cultures, rather respect and joy, giving an incredible and unique union full of flavor, color and authenticity.
In a groundbreaking ceremony, full of energy and spirituality held in such a harmonious and balanced as Villa Valentina, Los Cabos, where each step of Brianna said "I do" to reach Luis, who was waiting for her with open arms and hearts.
Between color, music, joy and dreams, the happy couple honored his cocktail of love with his very personal sign, to give to their relatives and friends a special dance, thanking his presence on a day so important to them, leaving video, photographic memories and in their hearts something delicious and refreshing their wedding, supported by the photographer Esther Bernal, who embodied a very accurate detail; From the colorful dresses of the bridesmaids, to the decor of the room, while still giving the importance they deserved the bouquet, shoes, and boyfriends.

The meticulous care and dedication they put both of the details, they managed to make this wedding a unique union of two hearts that could not be separated even by geography and traditions.
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