Lisa and Mike

A big man, a great woman, dear wonderful friends and family, all gathered in a charming wedding, blending into joy, sand and sea at Los Cabos.
A huge step is when two people choose to take the most beautiful decision in their lives; Big steps needs, big hearts, and great people, same as Lisa and mike, who chose to join their lives in a wonderful, heartwarming wedding ceremony seashore, as vast as the love between them.

Many men have done great things, but only the big choices can transform a person into a big man, and that's how Lisa and Mike, took a big choice when they decided to be best friends walking together as life partners, this being an honor and a joy. Is something huge, when the father of the bride can say her daughter was an excellent choice, everyone goes crazy, with that statement in video and can with this recall these words and make them happen every day.

Great men, great friends, a great love, can only provide an incredible wedding, full of joy, music, dancing, lots of kisses, hugs and whispers in a great location, such as the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar, Los Cabos, Place where things cease to be a plan and come true, with a beautiful bride dressed in sugar and elegance, the arm of her proud father, who escort to a big guy with a big heart, to realize their choice of love life.
Now Lisa and Mike will see these beautiful moments, never forget this important and courageous step towards happiness, sharing with loved ones and friends on video every detail of the elegant decor, each emotional moment, every kiss, every whisper, every dance as well as the environment that in white and sand will remain forever enshrined in beautiful memories, photos and videos.
  photos by Bradley Fraser
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