Tiffany and Mike

at Sunset da Monalisa
Love is the best popular dream, and everybody wanna found their “other half”; but only a few lucky persons found it. Tiffany & Mike did it; How not to celebrate this chance with a fun trip and beautiful wedding?
They sailed to Cabo on the Carnival Cruise from California and had their reception/ceremony at Sunset de Mona Lisa.  It was a memorable early afternoon lunchtime affair. Could be almost a sin if they don´t make a paradise in a perfect place like Sunset Da Monalisa in Los Cabos, nothing closer to haven, with its magnificent natural surroundings in balance and harmony. This wedding begins in Casa Dorada for the dress and makeup, transforming this two lovers in the bride and groom. 
Mike's smile must be the proof of the best side of love, through his sincere smile, the perfect fairy tale's wedding comes true.  And talking about tales, why not, a comic strip about the couple?
Everyone could feel the great love that Mike and Tiffany shared, to see the glances and smiles between them, at a time and place that makes you forget anything, making this wedding a celebration of love, peace, harmony and joy for all guests, even the atmosphere of harmony broke down barriers between people working for this wedding.
Only authentic and fresh flowers to adorn this beautiful environment; Tiffany & Mike have chosen these beautiful decorations with unconventional colors flowers for their wedding, following the magic, authenticity, and originality same like their love. Decoration design of tables, menus and lounges shouted the joy of this beautiful couple enjoying being "life partners" - keeping the most beautiful images of the details and photograph environments, equally authentic, incredible and original...
Now Tiffany and Mike can relive every special and important moment of what was the most beautiful event in their history, to be in possession of the wedding video that they will share in the future with their loved ones, making this beautiful wedding the most valuable treasure of their lives.

Coordination by Vari Avila
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