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Sherry + Eric - Slow-motion video Booth

You cannot simply imagine the blast this pair had along all of their friends!!! At the very end they didn’t want it to end so soon so they hired us for another hour. Outstanding guys, we couldn’t help our laughs throughout the editing, you’re really easy going!
Indeed! Sherry & Eric were recommended to us by Angel Zapién, a great friend and talented person who had the opportunity to record the wedding movie of this pair of lovers at Esperanza.
The hotel who gave this blissful union some shelter is nothing but a paradise! You may want to get to know it a little bit more. For now we’ll keep its mystery on your mind.
Let us introduce you to both versions of this marriage. When everyone was at the ceremony, boy! We kew this two were very lucky to be together.
However when they consulted our slow-motion booth we were overwhelmed. Knowing full well both paths from the people filled with traditions and what our stall is about we knew we would have several combinations and contrasts of all of it. 
When we arrived to set everything, the guest were calmed until we showed them the toys and funny items to play with! 
The guests were really happy and started to grab everything they found in their way.
We even can tell you that we found hilarious when a guest who got thrilled with a jump rope had to do the shot several times until he couldn’t help his own breathing.

And oh my! The groom started to mess with the pillows towards his bride. Also one of the woman in the crowd got slap in her behind because she was messing around. This made us laugh so hard too, no one got away with it and we know it very well. Even when they were fooling around along the guns filled with tequila someone got hurt in the eye! 
Everything was like a carnaval not just by us, we saw the marvelous work from Claudia Morales with the team of Elena Damy achieved a beautiful scenario, too. Every flower, every detail, every original item you find curious from a wedding was all thanks to her and her team who have worked amongst us too. So let us show off their work because it is really worth it!
Something yet better was that this wedding had tradition such as the Hong Bao which is a Chinese custom to give money inside a red envelope to the youngest in the family or to bride and groom. This is a way to represent fortune and a wealthy life to the newlyweds! 
We were overjoyed with the landscape this couple chose for their wedding, as in a spiritual way to feel free with the sun and ocean. And best…to know that it was our second occasion with a slow-motion booth where everyone was so happy was our great success, we’re really thankful with Sherry & Eric.
Both had been such a gentil pair with us.

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Marciita + Leo - Creative marriage proposal at the theater

This is a very special post, a proposal we are really excited to present since it's one of our very own members of Land’s end films.   One grand finale kiss sealed the deal and made the entire audience smile even more. Laughter and applause came from the crowd, the lights and the color couldn’t be more flattering to the moment. 

Esta es una publicación muy especial, que estamos muy emocionados de presentarla ya que es de uno de nuestros miembros de Land’s end films.Un beso final había sellado el trato, provocando a la audiencia sonreír aun mas.   Risas y aplausos vinieron de la multitud, las luces y el color no pudieron ser mas halagadoras en el momento.

The theatre is a breathtaking place, where emotions collide, but then there is the Cabaret Theatre, where the main goal is to have a light, fun, and euphoric moment, it is a funny alternative to a dynamic kind of plays, based on music, sketches, dances and lots of glitter. The Cabaret style has come a long way since the Mexican revolution, because of the social and political content that is always present in humourous manner, that's why this precise type of play never fades.   El teatro es un lugar que roba el aliento, donde emociones chocan, pero luego esta el Teatro Cabaret, donde el principal objetivo es de tener un encendido, divertido y eufórico momento, con obras de tipo alternativo divertido a dinámico, basado en música,  sketches, bailes y brillo por montón.   El estilo Cabaret ha llegado desde la Revolución Mexicana, debido a que el contenido socio-politico siempre es representado de manera humorística, es por eso que este tipo de obras nunca desaparecen.

It started out as quite a normal evening of laughter and sketches in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, the audience was blushing and chuckling, until the last sketch started, where three stooges asked for love, it wasn’t long until they mentioned Marce’s name, and what a better surprise than bringing her upstage.  
This out of the ordinary kind of play was only the set to an even a happier event, Land’s End films founder and creative head’s own marriage proposal, Leonardo Batis who is knowingly a lover of this art, so what better and most significant way of proposing than this.     
Empezó como una tarde normal de risas y sketches en un bello Cabo San Lucas, la audiencia estaba sonrojada con risas ahogadas, hasta que el ultimo sketch comenzó, donde tres marionetas pedían por amor, no duró mucho hasta que mencionaron a Marce; que mejor sorpresa que traerla arriba en el escenario.   
Esta obra fuera de lo normal fue solo puesto para otro evento aun mas alegre, la propuesta de matrimonio del  creativo  fundador de Land’s End Films, Leonardo Batis quien es un amante conocedor de este arte. Así que, que mejor manera y mas significativa de proponer matrimonio que esta.
Passion and career coming together, and love prevailing amongst the most curious scenarios.   As soon as Leo knelt down and spoke the magic words Marcela’s face said it all, her happiness irradiated such beauty that no wonder this proposal had to be so memorable, because the chemistry of this couple is simply outstanding.
Proposals are the way of telling that special someone how much you love them, it’s an unforgettable moment and Leonardo’s cirquesque way was as thrilling and funny as it could be. Marce, in her dashing “Yes!”
-Do you trust me? - Sang Leonardo in a jolly tone
-Yes, i trust you- Marce happily replied
-Let me take you to another world, take my hand-
and as he said this he continued his role play he made an even greater statement, claiming it was the happiest day of his life. 
Pasión y carrera juntos, amor prevaleciendo dentro de los mas curiosos escenarios.
Tan pronto Leo se arrodillo y dijo las palabras mágicas a la cara de Marcela lo dijo todo, su felicidad irradiaba tanta belleza que con no había otra razón por la cual esta propuesta fuese tuvo que ser tan memorable, porque la química de esta pareja es espectacular.
Las propuestas de matrimonio son una forma en la que el ser expresa a alguien cuanto lo ama, es un inolvidable momento y la manera circense de Leonardo fue mas que hilarante y divertida.
Marce, en un rápido “Si!”
-Confias en mi? - Cantaba Leonardo en un tono alegre.
-Si, confío en ti.- respondió ella feliz.
-Déjame llevarte a otro mundo, toma mi mano-
mientras esto decía continuaba su juego de rol, hacia una declaración, aclamando que era el día mas alegre de su vida.
When Leonardo knew of the chance to create a sketch to propose to Marce and was given the permission and advice by Ricardo G. Pinzon, the director of the company, everything was on track, that’s exactly when he knew that kneeling down on stage was the right way to do it, since it will linger in their memories for a lifetime to come. 
Cuando Leonardo supo acerca de la oportunidad de crear un sketch para proponérsele a Marce y fue dado permiso y consejo por Ricardo G. Pinzon, director de la compañía, todo iba en orden, fue exactamente cuando supo que arrodillarse en es escenario era lo correcto, lo cual permanecerá en sus memorias en una vida por venir.
Since 2010 Mascaras, has been proudly presenting many kinds of theatre, in many formats and for many people, from children to drama, yet in a formal way, and has enjoyed of great success up till now, they’ve won awards and prizes for their great contribution towards the culture. But back in 2012 they turned to a different path, one where they are accessible to a different yet as important crowd in bars and restaurants, the Cabaret theatre, it surged as a way of manifestation towards social and political causes that were happening back then, but have only evolved, they found that there is always something to say and that there is always someone to listen, specially when it involves laughter, lights and show.
Desde 2010 Mascaras, ha ido presentando todo tipo de teatro, en muchos formatos para muchas personas, desde infantil al drama, pero de manera formal, que se ha ido disfrutando sobre gran triunfo hasta el día de hoy. Ellos han ganado premios por sus contribuciones hacia la cultura.
Pero pasados al 2012 han cambiado su sendero, uno donde era accesible a una diferente pero importante audiencia en bares y restaurantes, el teatro Cabaret, que surgió como causa de manifestación hacia el contexto politico y social que ocurran en ese entonces, pero se involucraron, encontrando que siempre se tiene algo que decir y que siempre hay alguien para escuchar, especialmente si involucra humor, luces y espectáculo. 
We’d like to give acknowledgement to Mascaras, the theatre company that presented the play. They did an amazing job, the show was perfectly coordinated and gave out to the audience an unforgettable moment of pleasure and surprise.   And of course special thanks the other actors on stage that night, specially Manuel Mercado and Alfonso Zárate, without them it wouldn’t have been the same.    And as everyone knows if the proposal was this wonderful we are anxious to see the kind of wedding they will have in the bright land of Baja California.   We’d also like to thank Tere Jeache and Ernesto Lopez for taking photographs.
Quisiéramos darle un agradecimiento a Mascaras, la compañía de teatro que presentó la obra. Hicieron un trabajo asombroso, la presentación estuvo perfectamente coordinada i le dio a la audiencia un momento de placer y sorpresa inolvidable.   Y por supuesto; gracias a los otros actores en escenario de esa noche, especialmente Manuel Mercado y Alfonso Zárate, sin ellos no hubiese sido lo mismo.  Y como ya todo mundo lo sabe, si la propuesta estuvo maravillosa; estamos ansiosos de saber que tipo de boda tendrán en la brillante tierra de Baja California.   También nos gustaría agradecerles a Tere Jeache y a Ernesto Lopez por tomar las fotografías.

Tradyann + Lucian

The living evidence that there is such a thing as love at first sight. 
Almost 25 years ago Lucian was a little boy who lived on the same block as Tradyann, they grew up as very good friends, and such friendship culminated in a fantastic romantic story.  Recently we had the honor of capturing one of the most special days of their lives, the moment they said “I do”. 

They were referred to us by Jackie and Billy, close friends of whom we had made their wedding video at Cabo San Lucas a couple of years ago [to watch their video], and they trusted us so much they asked us to go all the way to beautiful Playa del Carmen to shoot their wedding. We were, of course, honored by the request and gladly joined them for their exquisite matrimony.  
We’re grateful that we were invited to film the start of this amazing journey for you, Land’s end films wants to always make sure your special days are captured in an artistic and fun way, using cinematographic style. We have been in many different weddings, but this one is the first video we make in the exotic land of Cancun, Mexico, which made it even more exciting, we are willing it's the first of many. 
We are glad to travel anywhere nationally and internationally to capture your memorable day. 
The marvelous gala took place at the luxurious Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla in the Mayan Riviera. 
It was obvious they really loved each other from day one, it was truly love at first sight, and she looks so happy, friends and family agree, they were made for one another. 
This is one of life’s happiest moments, because marriage is an opportunity to grow, and the tropical weather in Playa del Carmen only nourished the colorful environment, it was all so close and full of life they made us feel like family. 
About a year before Lucian asked Tradyann’s dad for his blessing to marry her, and he was overwhelmed with joy, the news was magnificent.
The fact that they were best friends first does make a difference, that we are sure their marriage will last a lifetime, they have a chemistry that is recognizable within the distance, one of the most important columns in a marriage is trust, having a friend by your side is vital for a long-lasting relationship, so when you see this couple you are sure, it’s a healthy beautiful alliance. 
It was a harmonious gathering in Playa Del Carmen with of course as any wedding should, lots of dancing and a cake full of flowers.
 “I love Trady like shes my own daughter ”  Lucian’s dad said as he burst with joy during one of the speeches. He was always very supportive of the relationship from the start. 
From best man to bridesmaids and parents, everybody had the chance of expressing their approval of the affair since day one, it was absolutely an ambience of peace and enjoyment.
But the video is pure evidence that they’re indeed exceedingly happy together and we hope that it will always stay like that, they deserve a life full of blessings and love.
We couldn’t help but notice that the love around Tardy and Lucian is enriched by their many friends and relatives that love them so much, this was expressed during the ceremony between tears of joy and laughter. 
As soon as  the vows were made, the rings been placed and the papers signed they sealed the pact with a loving kiss, in this heavenly mexican caribbean. 
Heat and all they both looked stunning, white flowers adorned the reception as  
everyone enjoyed themselves.  
When you choose Mexico for your wedding day it makes us feel very proud, the scenery itself is a wonder of the world for its amazing views and whimsical atmosphere, now adding a beautiful in-love couple only completes the landscape. 
Paradise suits this couple, the natural beauty of the Mayan Riviera made this wedding a magical experience. 
Michelle, Trady’s younger sister, stood up first during the speeches, she reminded her sister how great she looked and how proud she was for being able to be there by her side on such an important day.
“I hope you all had as good as a time as i did, when you marry someone you also marry their family and i couldn’t have married into a better family, i’m truly grateful”  -Tradyann 

Our 35 mm film nourishes the nostalgia, those tears of joy that come out when everything is ready for the ceremony and the guests start arriving, your wedding day must be remembered as a day of cheerfulness  and accomplishment, the day the couple changes the course from two individual roads, to one, and the destination now becomes the same, us at Land’s end films are exceedingly happy of being able to make the quality videos you need. 
We also had lots of fun having a Trash The Dress at a magical scenario: a natural Cenote, with an enjoyable couple as Tradyann and Lucian  we had everything we needed to create one of our favorite videos so far. They wore white  traditional mexican clothing to emphasize the atmosphere. At first the water was so cold, and Lucian was afraid of the little fishes but we got encouraged by the magnificent view and worked out to a great shoot. 
We’d like to give special thanks to our friend Emmanuel Garcia de Alba for being able to make the photography as amazing as always. 
The Paradisus hotel in Playa del Carmen for being the host of this memorable day. 
And of course Tradyann and Lucian for trusting us and  letting us to be a part of this union. 
redaction by Priscilla Ramirez Muro
fotos por Emmanuel Garcia de Alba
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