Shelby & Celso - 3 days of shooting

They had rented a Catamaran boat to go near the arch of Cabo San Lucas. Diving into the beautiful sea which was spectacular, something spontaneous for us! The crew that surrounds Shelby and Celso are just so fun to spend time with!! But this is only the beginning, this is just getting started! We knew we wouldn’t help to see what will happen in the following days. 

Raising up their love in the air for the BIG day!
Rehearsal as a Mexican Dinner? 
An evening before the wedding, everyone gathered to the cocktail in white garments. This usual color has a spiritual meaning representing the pure in souls; accompanied by flowers as head ornaments in some of the women. The unity they both will have is in order to take the other’s concern into the same importance level as their own. 

Jenni Ben - Glamorous wedding

Hey you, smile!
Destiny holds great gifts and makes life awesome. This is the love story of Jenni & Ben, a pair that has been together for 13 years! Can you believe it?!
Over the time the’ve loved each day even more than before, having photos of each moment, capturing their smile. You have to meet this couple, they’re awesome in every aspect! They will take out the best hidden laughs you may have and also, will warm your heart.
Surrounded by family, friends and her little dog, what else can a bride & groom ask for? Everything makes on this day; Jenni, so beautiful. 
This couple has had the most extraordinary adventures! Both were so sweet meanwhile the interviews because as an easy going pair, told us about their experiences; laughed, smiled at each other and complemented the memories.

Kristin + Bryan - a humorous couple

Every day is a perfect day to live and love. Because when you join this, there is anything else you might need. A life-time is simply not enough to share it, yet is better living with this love instead of never have had it.
Kristin & Bryan adored the idea to record themselves with a handy cam, an example is them saying goodbye to their puppies and being at the Hilton’s pool. Oh gosh, that’s not even the end of it!  She’s really kind! When the day was approaching we needed her to know if she was going to wear a mic; she agreed and tailored her dress so the microphone could be hidden! Thanks to that we could make her video even more special with every word the bride and groom were whispering. As you may notice.
She said that she couldn’t wait to see her relatives!
So we started a big day of autumn in Cabo with so much to do, Cristina Cabrera, and Karla Casillas company coordinating the event setting everything up for this celebration in order to make it perfect! The MAIN EVENT Cabo made it possible and wonderful as always, that even the Hilton was thrilled and everyone had the chills in their arms. Anxious was running from the stomach disguised as butterflies to scape through the chest and fly out the throat!
Getting ready was nothing from the other world, Alma Vallejo was there to make her look the prettiest woman in this October. Gorgeous Alma, you do know how to impress every bride.To celebrate with her maids of honor this big day as the start of her whole new life style, Kristin opened a champagne . She tried not to cry when she was reading Bryan’s letter - that made us feel her warm heart!  
These words always improves our will to continue doing what we love:
Looking after the wedding Sarah?
Pink and fuchsia flowers were all over the place inclusively in the bridal bouquet, those were the guide for Kristin and Bryan because the rustic arch was waiting for them, definitely the beach was the perfect paradise venue for them. Even though it was a hot day, they encouraged to make it through together having a great time. We know Sarah Richardson captured those and each moment with her eagle eye.
Memorable that even Kristin as a strong and lively woman, she let free her tears when the vows came.   Bryan’s brother; Brett Ridenour, impressed us with the memorable ceremony, even the groom couldn’t stop thinking in what a great job his brother did as the minister! 
Dinner was delicious for them, this marriage was delighted by Teeven music. The songs fitted perfectly while the reception, guys! It was a party without a remedy, also! Hold on to your seats, the speeches made us laugh so hard our tummy was aching. You may want to know but these two have made some outstanding and mischievous things together. Courtney - the bride’s maid and Kristin’s BFF - told us the adventures she passed along them throughout almost a year!  …watching water boil and paint dry is always an adventure with Kristin.
They show so much affection for people who surrounds them. Such as that Kristin got a tattoo to make her best friend Courtney feel better. 
“She got that one day because I was having a really rough and I was crying and she just wanted to make me laugh so she got a tattoo. And it was the weirdest like way to make someone feel better…but it worked, and so I was happy like 5 minutes laters and that tattoo is still here for like 5 years later…but that’s how she is.” -Courtney 
Lastly a tasty and mouth-watering cake saying: “Happily ever after,” was there to seal the deal!
Honored to have been in Kristin & Bryan’s wedding at the Hilton! Whose stop-motion was as their highlights video to resume the day for these two loving birds. “No ugly crying,” as it was expressed in a handkerchief.
This time was more than entertaining, they even had a photo booth thanks to Cabobooth where they were dressing up how they wanted. This was a great idea!
To end the night, Cabo Fireworks Co. closed with a great performance of lights in the sky which built dreams.
In the end what can we say for these two souls finally being together? The only thing is to wish you the very best now that the ups and downs will be much fun to enjoy. 
redaction by Ginah A. Eastwood.
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